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Jessica D'andrea

Hiking guide of the Abruzzo Mountain Guides
Interpreter Guide
Instructor of Nordic Walking SINW
Environmental Educator of the the Abruzzo National Park

Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise
Accompagnatore di Media Montagna Regione Abruzzo
Collegio Guide Alpine Abruzzo

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My name is Jessica and I live in Civitella Alfedena, a small village in the heart of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise. I have been a guide for many years. As a young girl friends turned to me to organize excursions in the mountains and slowly, from accompanying friends, this has become a job. I worked as an Interpreter Guide for the National Park Authority of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, mainly dealing with the transmission of the contents of ecology through interpretative teaching activities. Then I collaborated with the Camosciara Cooperative of Civitella Alfedena. Finally I created my own brand starting to work on my own. In 2016, after a year of specific training on orientation, safety, mountain environment, hiking technique, I enrolled in the Abruzzo Mountain Giudes as Hiking Guide. An official and professional title. In concomitance I met Nordic Walking, passionate about it, and I became instructor of SINW, Italian School of Nordic Walking.​

My training began in the field, with my father, who spent his summers as a child in the stalls of his father's pastors, my grandfather Fabio, in the mountains of Civitella Alfedena. My father belongs to that generation who last saw the practice of transhumance from Abruzzo to Puglia alive, and he also saw her die. As an adult the economy had changed, the pastures rented to the Park, the sheep a loss and no longer a gain. He looked for work outside, and became a very good and sought after technician in the construction of large plants of various kinds. He began to travel around the world. I spent my childhood traveling around Italy and Europe. And this allowed me to learn English and French. However, the reference point remained in Abruzzo, the country. Always here when you could. At twenty-three I returned definitively, alone.


Jessica D'Andrea child

My father took me to his mountains of childhood and youth from an early age, teaching me the paths, which were once not marked, where to find water to drink, where to escape if caught in bad weather. Its mountains have become my mountains. Mountains with a story. The history of the stories of those who had been before me: the pastor Gregorio, who at the Val di Rose farmhouse made cornate with the goat as a pastime in the evening; the grandfather's brother, dead under a beech tree that is still there, because he is sick of heart; the shepherd Supino, who feared the attacks of wolves on sheep; he was a child who brought fresh ricotta cheese to the village for the gentleman's daughters. The interest in plants was born slowly: the trees, the herbs, what you can eat and what not. And then for the animals, when I realized that these mountains made them survive like a well-hidden treasure chest full of rare and precious stones. Growing has grown the satisfaction of getting to the top, to climb the mountains covered with snow, making me passionate ski mountaineering and telemark, making me widen the horizons of these mountains on the rest of Abruzzo and the Alps. This is something of me.

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