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Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise
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Ancient forest in Abruzzo


A simple hike between huge beech trees, from the twisted forms that make for a fairy-tale forest, between the wonderful scents of the lichens leafy, tree trunks dug out of the litter of leaves that covers everything like a cloak.
This ancient wood is home to many animals: the fox, the deer, the wolf, the deer, the wild boar, the brown bear to find shelter and food among its mighty trees. These ancient patriarchs are home in their wood rare insects, such as Rosalia alpina, and the nests of numerous peaks, including the rare white-Backed Woodpecker. It will not be difficult to find their traces.
This is the wood chosen by Luc Jacquet for the film the Fox and the Child.

The route turns to the ring: a short-cut to a half-day excursion, or, continuing along the Valley at a sporting event or the Hills Hidden, a little bit longer to take a day

LOCATION: National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise

(trail PNALM C2 ring short - to- C2-C1-C3-D4-ring along)


DIFFICOLTA': easy-to-ring short, medium/easy ring along. The physical effort required is not high. The hike has no technical difficulties, it takes place on mountain trails in wooded areas and meadows with climbs and descents of a slight slope. The excursion also suitable for people who are not accustomed to go into the mountain.


Difference in ALTITUDE: 170 metres uphill and 170 mt in the drop-down ring short

260 metres uphill and 260 mt in the drop-down ring long


DEPARTURE ALTITUDE: 1150 meters above sea level


MAXIMUM ALTITUDE REACHED: 1320 meters above sea level in the ring short

1380 mt for ring long


LENGTH: 5 total km approx (round trip) ring short

9 km in total (round trip) long ring


WHAT to WEAR: hiking boots (winter gore tex or waterproofed with a special spray silicone), t-shirt, light suited to the season, long pants, comfortable hiking (no jeans, not ski pants).


WHAT to BRING: backpack (large enough to contain all the equipment described below), spare t-shirt, fleece shirt, (in winter: windproof jacket, warm hat, warm gloves, cape or jacket for the rain), water bottle with water (1lt), food. Optional: camera, binoculars, sunglasses, trekking poles if you usual use).




-Saturday, march 31, (program WOOD WALKS>>)


-every Tuesday and Saturday from July 15 to September 8 (EXCURSIONS to the SUMMER of 2018)


-Sunday, October 28,



And' possible to request this itinerary, the dates of a custom different from those in the calendar, just contact me for mail.



INFORMATION AND BOOKINGS: you must book within the day preceding the date of the excursion, the better, with a little advance.

For booking: specify the date and the route chosen, the number of participants, provide a contact reference and a contact mobile phone.

To book and for more information you can contact me by phone at 349 3938773 (also sms or wapp), by e-mail to info@jdtrek.com or through the form on this page.

When I am in the excursion, the cell phone may be unreachable: send a sms or wapp and I will answer as soon as possible.

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Meeting PLACE: Pescasseroli AQ in front of the Farmhouse horse Riding dark valley, about ten minutes before the scheduled time of departure of the excursion. Departure on foot from the place of the appointment.

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